1. Check all parts in place, plug in the power and air source, and adjust the inlet air pressure to 0.2 MPa.
  2. Turn on the “Power” switch, 3 indicator lights representing Spray Chamber / Salt solution / pressure barrel will be on, which means water shortage of these areas respectively. Pour the clear water into the spray chamber and pressure barrel until the lights are off.
  3. Prepare a salt solution to be used, which shall be prepared by dissolving 5 ± 1 % by weight of salt in 95 ± 1 % by weight of distilled or demineralized water, then fill the brine container from the reagent entrance with the solution until the light is off.
  4. Add water in the groove in contact with the cover to form a water seal to prevent droplet leakage.
  5. Switch on the “Operation” button, set the temperatures of spray chamber & pressure barrel (the temperatures of both on our salt spray test machine are already set to be at 35℃ and 47℃ according to relevant specifications in the factory, operators don’t need to set them again in use).
  6. Put the specimen racks in the chamber one by one to accommodate the test pieces reasonably.
  7. Lay down the plastic cover and turn on the “Spray” button, pull out the pressure regulating valve and turn it clockwise to regulate spray pressure to 0.1 MPa.
  8. The salt mist chamber starts to work (the length of the spray tower is adjustable based on practice).

The above is just for reference. It is not suitable for all types of salt spray chambers. Please strictly follow the procedure of the applied standard to carry out the test when you get this testing machine.