Leather fatigue refers to the phenomenon that the leather and its coating undergo periodic deformation, which causes its physical and mechanical properties to decrease. This kind of repeated physical damage is lower than the damage strength of the leather.

When the leather is subjected to periodic stress or strain, the surface or the inside of the material produces slight damage. It then gradually develops into a macro crack until it breaks and finally makes the product lose its use function. The flexometer tester is intended to determine the flex resistance of leather.

Performing the bally flex test has great significance for the leather industry.

Guide Producers to Choose Suitable Materials

Testing the resistance of leather materials to flexing is the basic and essential step for manufacturers to commence new product research and development. It can help people in mastering the properties of materials to make the right decision on choosing appropriate raw materials.

Variously candidate materials are tested one by one in the laboratory. According to the data and results of the flexing test of different leather materials, the manufacturer can choose the proper materials. It can meet the quality requirements of the finished product without causing excessive performance.

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Evaluate the Product Quality

Bally flex test allows you to understand and grasp the performance and quality of leather or leather products in a very short time. When a bunch of produced leather products are placed in front of you if you are asked to evaluate their quality, how would you judge?

It is a troublesome problem because we cannot directly obtain reliable assessment results simply by observing with eyes and touching with hands. The only way is to use an instrument similar to the Bally flexometer to take samples on-site for fatigue testing. With the support of test results of randomly selected samples, you can estimate whether the same batch of products meets the requirements. The flexing test is an extensively used method to judge the quality level of finished products like leather bags, leather shoes, leather suitcases etc.

Promote the Brand Image

Imagine that you are a leather clothing brand or manufacturer. If you indicate in your adverting that the leather raw materials you use have passed the Bally flex test. You can even put the testing pictures or videos in your ad copy. When these advertisements are launched, the audience will trust you more and have more confidence in your products than bragging about the quality simply? They will think that you are a brand with strict requirements on the quality of your products and a brand responsible to every customer. In this way, your brand image will get people’s positive affirmation virtually.


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