1. The housing of the salt fog test chamber is made of intensively rigid PVC plates, featuring neatness, smoothness, aging resistance and corrosion resistance, which is suitable for the usage environment of Salt mist, copper acetate.
  2. The pressure saturated barrel is made of SUS304 stainless steel capable of withstanding high temperature, high humidity, high pressure and high anti-corrosion. The unique design of our pressure barrel’s interior has successfully solved the technical problem of water shortage of pressure barrel in a short period.
  3. The hood of the salt mist test chamber is fully transparent, which is convenient for testers to monitor the state of the specimen during the test.
  4. Elaborate roof design causes the accumulated drops of liquid on the ceiling not to drip at the top of the specimen throughout the test.
  5. Water seal between the hood and the groove ensures no leakage of salt mist during the test to pollute ambient and corrode other testing instruments in the laboratory.
  6. The nozzle is made of tempered glass, and the spray volume and spray angle can be adjusted. The degree of atomization is uniform, and there is no blockage of crystallization, which can ensure continuous testing.
  7. It applicable to tests of NSS, AASS and CASS.
  8. It owns the function of one key to defogging. When the test is completed, and the machine will defog automatically after pressing the defog button.
  9. It supports automatically refilling the water of the pressure barrel and test chamber to prevent lack of water from causing the high temperature to damage the machine.
  10. It has a concealed refilling bottle of salt solution, which is easy and convenient to supplement and clean.
  11. Automatically switches to constant temperature once it attains set temperature.
  12. Uniform atomization without clogging ensures the continuousness and consistency of the salt mist.
  13. The spray time can be preset.
  14. The Spray volume is adjustable from 1 to 2 ml / h (80cm²/h – Test 16 hours average).
  15. The measuring barrel adopts built-in installation to offer a beautiful appearance and convenient operation.
  16. V-shaped specimen racks make sure that the test piece is exposed to the salt fog in uniform distribution. Sample supporting angle can be adjustable from 15°-30°.
  17. The chamber has a power failure memory function. It can continue to complete the rest of the test work after power recovery.
  18. Double over-temperature protection is available. In the event of temperature control failure or heating system failure, the heating power supply can be automatically cut off to avoid excessive temperature to damage the machine.
  19. Double low water level protection is available to prevent damage caused by dry burning of heating tubes.