Taber Abrasion Testing Machine can almost be called a versatile device. It is widely applicable to the determination of abrasion resistance of the leather, fabrics, textiles, coatings, paints, varnishes, carpets, ceramics, porcelain enamels, wood, furniture, paper, high-pressure decorative laminates, glass, rubber, plastic, luggage, anodized aluminum, deck and floor coverings, synthetic turf, etc.

Taber Type Abrasion Tester plays a vital role in evaluating the wear-resisting property of the materials and products. For some special purpose products in the industrial field, the ability of raw materials to resist wear is a crucial property that manufacturers have to focus on, as it directly impacts the quality of finished products. Taber abraser can determine this property within a short time in the laboratory to attain a relatively reliable result.

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