1. Plug in power and check all parts and ensure samples to be tested are in place.
  2. Place the test pieces on the shelves in the chamber and close the door to guarantee a closed seal.
  3. Connect the vacuum pump to the drying oven through an air tubing, and turn off the air balance port.
  4. Start the vacuum pump and open the vacuum valve in sequence. Vacuuming is in process.
  5. Observe the value on the pressure gauge, and stop it until the pressure value is close to “-1” (shutdown sequence must be vacuum valve first, then vacuum pump switch).
  6. Press the Power button to turn on the vacuum pump and then set the drying temperature and duration time to enter the drying state.
  7. Pay attention to the pressure value during drying. Repeat above step 4 to vacuumize it again If the vacuum degree drops in the process.
  8. After drying time is up with buzzing, turn off the vacuum drying oven.
  9. Open the air balance port to balance the air pressure inside and outside the chamber.
  10. Open the oven door to take out the test piece.

Tip: The manual operation sequence of the vacuum pump must follow the above step. It can’t be reversed.