How to Pack the Machine?

We use the special non-fumigation export wooden case to pack the products (refer to the right picture). The machine in the case is surrounded with foam to protect the machine from bumping and damage during transportation.

packaging of taber abraser
Taber abraser configurations

What Details Are Contained in the Case?

Take a single platform Taber abraser as an example, the items placed in the wooden box are as follows( Please refer to the left picture):
Taber Abraser  1 set
Vacuum cleaner  1 set
250 g Weight  2 pcs
500 g Weight  2 pcs
750 g Weight  2 pcs
Abrading wheel CS-10 or CS-17  1 pair or Specified
S-11 Sandpaper  5 pcs
Paster  3 pcs
Power line  1 pc
Hex wrench  1 pc